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Welcome to the Wiki on the wiring harness and electrical system activities of prostep ivip and VDA. The ECAD Wiki is our information platform to provide our specifications and related information.

You will find here all specifications and recommendations published by the joint Project Group PDM4VES together with additional background information, tutorials and examples. Furthermore the ECAD Wiki is a source for articles dedicated to engineering processes and methods in the electrical system development and their related technologies.

The ECAD Wiki is an open wiki. See how you can contribute.


Volkswagen KBL documentation explains interpretation of the KBL element B_spline_curve

The document “Dokumentation KBL (VDA 4964) - VOBES spezifische Erweiterungen” in Kabelbaumliste (KBL) has been updated recently. It now describes in chapter 4.2.1 how Volkswagen interprets the KBL to represent the center curve of a harness segment.

· 2019/04/15 15:08

VEC Implementation Guidelines Online

Implementation Guidelines (a.k.a Tutorials) are now published as a collection of pages in this WIKI for specific topics. The first batch is now online. The entrypoint for the Tutorials can be found here: VEC Implementation Guidelines

KBL 2.5 Online

The KBL in version 2.5 is RELEASED!

This version incorporates the results of the harmonization activities and eliminates various dialects

  • Improved documentation (e.g. contact point / contacting)
  • OpenEnumerations (analogous to VEC)
  • New features for requirements currently realized by dialects like Forced Routing or Id‘s for Fixing_assignments

For detailed release notes see KBL JIRA Release Notes. The schema and the relevant documentation can be found here.

· 2018/07/04 14:33 · 0 Comments

Survey on VEC and KBL Usage

The ECAD Implementor Forum would like to gain an overview of the products that support VEC and KBL. An online survey was started for this purpose. The answering of the questionnaire is intended to determine which functionalities are supported for exporting and importing KBL or VEC files.

Prostep ivip asks all system vendors that offer VEC or KBL interfaces or plan in the future to participate in the survey. The time needed is no more than 30 minutes. The online survey can be accessed at

Participation is possible until 28.02.2018.

As fill in assistance, you can find a PDF version of the survey structure and questions here. Please do not use this PDF to return your responses to us. We can accept only surveys completed online.

· 2017/12/20 15:45

VEC 1.1.3 Online

The VEC in version 1.1.3 is RELEASED!

This version brings features in the area of electrical design (especially new semantics for the 3 layers (Net, Connection, and Wiring Specification). Additionally there are a lot of small improvements, mainly new attributes, for the description of components and new OpenEnumerations. For detailed release notes see VEC JIRA Release Notes. For this version no new specification document will be published. The schema and the relevant documentation can be found here.

· 2017/02/21 17:48 · 0 Comments

VEC Tutorials V1.4 Online

The VEC Tutorials are now online in Version 1.4 and can be found here. For a detailed change description see the Change History

VEC 1.1.2 Online

The VEC in version 1.1.2 is RELEASED!

This version brings features introduced in KBL 2.4 to the VEC. Additionally it also implements feature requests and bug fixes brought up during the first implementations in the area of component descriptions. For detailed release notes see VEC JIRA Release Notes. For this version no new specification document will be published. The schema and the relevant documentation can be found here.

· 2015/10/16 13:39 · 0 Comments

KBL 2.4 SR-1 Online

Due to two minor bugs in the schema we had to publish a SR1 Version of the KBL 2.4 schema. The Schema and the relevant documentation can be found here. The two bugs were:

  • Multiplicity of association ComponentOccurrence → Mounting changed from 1..* to 0..* (KBLFRM-564)
  • Made Component_box_connector_occurrence a Located_component (KBLFRM-570)
· 2015/03/20 13:51 · 0 Comments

VEC Tutorials Online

We have migrated the VEC Tutorials to the VEC Schema Version 1.1.0 and put them online as interactive WIKI pages. You can find the tutorials here

· 2014/07/29 12:15 · 0 Comments

New ECAD WIKI section for VEC sample files

We have added a new section in the WIKI, where you can add sample files of your VEC implementation here. The files will be reviewed by the community and a public discussion becomes possible. Get feedback and the possibility to improve your implementation.

Johannes Becker 2014/05/26 14:48

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