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Class Accessory_occurrence


An Accessory_occurrence is the occurrence of an Accessory in a module part list.

General Information
Owner 3_Part_structure
Applied Stereotype
Base ClassifierChanged_element
Is Abstractfalse
Derived ClassifiersSpecified_accessory_occurrence


Classifier Name Type Mult. Description
Accessory_occurrence Id String 1

The id specifies the identifier of the Accessory_occurrence.

Accessory_occurrence Alias_id Alias_identification 0..*

The alias_id specifies additional identifiers for the Accessory _occurrence.

Accessory_occurrence Description String 0..1

The description specifies additional information about the object.

Accessory_occurrence Localized_description Localized_string 0..*

The description specifies additional information about the object. The Localized_description provides the possibility to define descriptions for different language codes.

Accessory_occurrence Placement Transformation 0..1

The placement specifies the transformation information, which is used to locate and orient the occurrence in the car coordinate system. For further information see [CESAK].

Outgoing Relations

Other End This General
Type Role Mult. Mult. Description
Installation_instruction Installation_information 0..* 1 icon_1227510668.jpg
Reference_element Reference_element 0..* 0..* icon_840801753.jpg
Accessory Part 1 1..* icon_840801753.jpg

Incoming Relations

Other End This General
Type Mult. Role Mult. Description
Specified_accessory_occurrence 0..* Related_occurrence 1 icon_840801753.jpg
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