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Class Fuse


General Information
Owner 2_Parts
Applied Stereotype
Base ClassifierComponent
Is Abstractfalse
Derived Classifiers


Classifier Name Type Mult. Description
Part Part_number String 1

The part_number specifies the identifier of the Part. The format of the part number is user defined (OEM specific).

Part Company_name String 1

The company_name specifies the name of the organizational context in which the Part_number is defined.

Part Alias_id Alias_identification 0..*

The alias_id specifies an additional part_number that is used to identify the Part in another organizational context (e.g. company).

Part Version String 1

The version specifies the version identifier of the Part. A version cumulates and consolidates one or more single changes.

Part Abbreviation String 1

The abbreviation specifies a short name for a Part.

Part Description String 1

The description specifies additional information about the Part.

Part Localized_description Localized_string 0..*

The description specifies additional information about the object. The Localized_description provides the possibility to define descriptions for different language codes.

Part Predecessor_part_number String 0..1

The predecessor_part_number specifies the part number of the predecessor of the Part.

Part Degree_of_maturity String 0..1

The degree_of_maturity specifies the degree of maturity of a Part. Where applicable the following values shall be used: - 'draft' - 'planning' - 'equipment order' - 'disposition'

Part Copyright_note String 0..1

The copyright_note specifies copyright information for a Part.

Part Mass_information Numerical_value 0..1

The mass_information specifies the mass of a Part. Example: Valid values for the unit of the Numerical_value specifying the mass are 'gram', 'kilogram', or also 'kg/piece', 'gram/meter'

Fuse type Fuse_type 0..1

Defines the type of the fuse.

Fuse Nominal_current Numerical_value 0..1
Fuse Colour String 0..1
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