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Class PartVersion


The PartVersion is one of the two anchors for PDM information in the VEC. All technical information about a PartVersion is contained in one or more documents. These describing elements are normally referencing to the PartVersion.

General Information
Owner core
Applied Stereotype
Base ClassifierItemVersion
Is Abstractfalse
Derived Classifiers


Classifier Name Type Mult. Description
ItemVersion abbreviation LocalizedString 0..*

Room for a short name of the Item. In case of a document the attribute is wanted to contain its title.

ItemVersion description AbstractLocalizedString 0..*

Room for additional, human readable information about the ItemVersion. e.g. Buchsengehäuse 26-polig

ItemVersion companyName String 1

Defines the publishing company of the ItemVersion. The companyName is part of the main identifier of an ItemVersion together with the corresponding number (partNumber or documentNumber) and version (partVersion or documentVersion).

ItemVersion processingInstruction Instruction 0..*

Processing instructions for the application of the part or the document.

PartVersion partNumber String 1

The partNumber is the major identifier of a PartVersion. The format is user defined and respectively company specific. Over all VEC-documents a PartVersion-instance can be trusted to be identical if the combination of partNumber, partVersion and companyName is identical.

PartVersion partVersion String 1

The partVersion specifies the version index of a part (see also partNumber).

PartVersion primaryPartType PrimaryPartType 1

The primary type of the part defines the type of the part (e.g. ConnectorHousing, Fixing, etc.) Since the VEC supports dual use parts (e.g. Fixing & WireProtection) the primary part type is necessary to define which specification associated to part is the primary character of the part. Therefore all primary part types correspond to a PartOrUsageRelatedSpecification (e.g. ConnectorHousing --> ConnectorHousingSpecification).

PartVersion isPreferredPart String 0..1

Flags a part as "preferred" by the means of being a preferred part out of a group of parts with identical technical properties. The preferred part should be used, if the other properties of a couple of parts do not allow a distinct decision. (see KBLFRM-311)

PartVersion preferredUseCase String 0..1

Defines the function for which the part was initially designed. (e.g. "Grommet for Hatch", "...passenger compartment",...) This is an important information for searching and selecting parts in the context of KOMP.

PartVersion aliasId AliasIdentification 0..*

Room to specify additional identifiers for the PartVersion. This field must not be used for alternative PartNumbers. It is intended for identifiers others than PartNumbers, such as human readable identifiers printed on the part e.g. a number of fuse or a relay. Therefore it does not have to be strictly unique.

Outgoing Relations

Other End This General
Type Role Mult. Mult. Description
Project project 0..1 0..* icon_124218211.jpg References the project that develops the PartVersion.

Incoming Relations

Other End This General
Type Mult. Role Mult. Description
Mapping 0..* A 1 icon_124218211.jpg
PartRelation 0..* accessoryPart 1..* icon_124218211.jpg References the PartVersions that are related by the PartRelation.
PartSubstitutionSpecification alternativePartVersions 0..* icon_124218211.jpg
Mapping 0..* B 1 icon_124218211.jpg
UsageConstraintSpecification 0..* constrainedParts 0..* icon_124218211.jpg

References the PartVersions to which this UsageConstraintSpecification applies.

PartOrUsageRelatedSpecification 0..* describedPart 0..* icon_124218211.jpg References the PartVersion(s) to which the information defined in this specification applies. Example: If the PartOrUsageRelatedSpecification is a GeneralTechnicalPartSpecifcation and it defines that the color is “green” then all PartVersion referenced by this association are “green”.
ContactSystem 0..* firstTerminal 1 icon_124218211.jpg

References the first terminal of the ContactSystem.

PartOccurrence 0..* part 0..1 icon_124218211.jpg

References the PartVersion that is instantiated by this PartOccurrence.

VecContent 1 partVersion 0..* icon_1267236761.jpg Specifies the PartVersions contained in the VEC-file.
SheetOrChapter 0..* referencedPart 0..* icon_124218211.jpg The association is an informative link which PartVersions are described by the SheetOrChapter.
DocumentVersion 0..* referencedPart 0..* icon_124218211.jpg The association is an informative link which PartVersions are described by the DocumentVersion.
ContactSystem 0..* secondTerminal 1 icon_124218211.jpg

References the second terminal of the ContactSystem.

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