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Class SIUnit


The SIUnit class can define quantities in the terms of the SI-Unit-System by specifying the corresponding SI prefix (optional) and a SI unit name. The usage of SI units must be the preferred way of expressing units, since these units can be easily translated into other SI units.

General Information
Owner physical_information
Applied Stereotype
Base ClassifierUnit
Is Abstractfalse
Derived Classifiers


Classifier Name Type Mult. Description
Unit exponent Integer 0..1

Defines the exponent with which this unit instance should be used. In order to define square meters for example, the SIUnit "metre" with an exponent of 2 will be used. If no exponent is defined it is equivalent to the value 1.

SIUnit siUnitName SiUnitName 1

Specifies the name of SI unit (e.g. metre, second,...)

SIUnit siPrefix SiPrefix 0..1

Specifies the prefix of the SI unit (e.g. milli, centi, mirco,...)

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