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Class Tolerance


Enables the specification of value ranges which can be tolerated.

General Information
Owner physical_information
Applied Stereotype
Base ClassifierExtendableElement
Is Abstractfalse
Derived Classifiers


Classifier Name Type Mult. Description
Tolerance lowerBoundary Double 1

Specifies the lower boundary for the tolerance.

Tolerance upperBoundary Double 1

Specifies the upper boundary for the tolerance.

Incoming Relations

Other End This General
Type Mult. Role Mult. Description
Dimension 0..1 tolerance 0..1 icon_1267236761.jpg
NumericalValue 0..1 tolerance 0..1 icon_1267236761.jpg Specifies the tolerance for the dimension.
DefaultDimension 0..1 toleranceIndication 1 icon_1267236761.jpg
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