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Class TerminalSpecification


Specification for the definition of terminals. A terminal can own multiple WireReceptions & TerminalReceptions.

General Information
Owner electrical_parts
Applied Stereotype
Base ClassifierPartOrUsageRelatedSpecification
Is Abstractfalse
Derived ClassifiersPluggableTerminalSpecification, RingTerminalSpecification, SpliceTerminalSpecification


Classifier Name Type Mult. Description
Specification identification String 1

Specifies a unique identification of the specification. The identification is guaranteed to be unique within the document containing the specification. Over all VEC-documents a Specification-instance can be trusted to be identical if the DocumentVersion-instance is the same (see DocumentVersion) and the identification of the Specification is the same.

Specification description AbstractLocalizedString 0..*

Specifies additional, human readable information about the specification.

PartOrUsageRelatedSpecification specialPartType String 0..1

The specialPartType allows the specification of subclassifications for a PartOrUsageRelatedSpecification (e.g. different types of connector housings).

TerminalSpecification sealingClass SealingClass 0..*

Specifies the sealing class of the terminal.

TerminalSpecification voltageRange ValueRange 0..1

Specifies the allowed voltage range for the connector housing.

TerminalSpecification sealingType TerminalSealingType 0..1

Defines the SealingType of the Terminal. This type always refers to the sealing of the terminal itself. However, even a terminal which is not sealable can be used in sealed locations with additional measures (e.g. on the slot).

Outgoing Relations

Other End This General
Type Role Mult. Mult. Description
TerminalReception terminalReception 0..* 1 icon_609574762.jpg Specifies the TerminalReceptions of the terminal described by the TerminalSpecification.
TerminalCurrentInformation currentInformation 0..* 1 icon_609574762.jpg

Specifies the TerminalCurrentInformation that is applicable for the terminal.

WireReception wireReception 0..* 1 icon_609574762.jpg Specifies the WireReceptions of the terminal described by the TerminalSpecification.
InternalTerminalConnection internalTerminalConnection 0..* 1 icon_609574762.jpg Specifies the InternalTerminalConnections of the terminal.

Incoming Relations

Other End This General
Type Mult. Role Mult. Description
Cavity integratedTerminalSpecification 0..1 icon_1522369666.jpg

Specifies of the terminal, if the cavity has an integrated terminal (e.g. an IDC).

PinComponent 0..* pinSpecification 0..1 icon_1522369666.jpg References the TerminalSpecification describing the electrical connectivity aspect of the PinComponent. (see KBLFRM-300)
CompatibilityStatement 0..* terminalSpecification 0..* icon_1522369666.jpg

References the TerminalSpecifications for which the compatibility statement is stated.

TerminalRole 0..* terminalSpecification 1 icon_1522369666.jpg

 References the TerminalSpecification that is instanced by this TerminalRole.

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