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VEC Sample Files

This area of the ECAD WIKI is supposed to contain sample files for concrete implementations of the VEC. If you want to provide a sample file, please consider the following guided lines:

  • It is your personal responsibility that the provided files do not violate any copyright or non disclosure agreement. Provided content will be visible to the public.
  • Provide a meaningful title and page name for the sample, following the pattern CompanyName - System - Use Case
  • Create a short description of the content and the context of the file.
  • Add the file itself.
  • Stick to the template provided.
  • When your file is reviewed, a section with the findings will be added to the page. A finding can be a weakness / model violation or a strength of the implementation.
  • Community reviewers can attach comments in the discussions section of the page. If the comment is a commonly agreed finding, it will be added to the findings section.

If you want to create a new page in this area, please, use the field below:

You are not allowed to add pages

If you have created a new topic, it might take a short while until it appears in the index below. Indexing is done automatically in the background.

Existing Samples

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