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Kabelbaumliste (KBL)

A listing of the currently known processing & installation information types can be found here.

The KBL is in use by various OEMs and suppliers. Usually the KBL is adopted to their particular processes. The following documents decribe company specific extensions and adoptions:

Sample Files

Sample files for KBL (provided by community members can be found here: KBL Sample Files.

Distributed Documents

For each Version several documents are distributed:

  1. prostep ivip / VDA Recommendation (only for Major Releases)
  2. An updated Model Description (Online and/or as PDF): This description is contained in the prostep ivip / VDA Recommendation.
  3. XML Schema Files: Starting with version 2.5 there are two schema variants distributed. One variant defining OpenEnumerations as String values and a strict variant, where the OpenEnuermations are defined as schema restrictions. For more information about the OpenEnumerations see the corresponding chapter in the prostep ivip / VDA Recommendation.

Version History

Version 2.5

This version incorporates the results of the harmonization activities and eliminates various dialects

  • Improved documentation (e.g. contact point / contacting)
  • OpenEnumerations (analogous to VEC)
  • New features for requirements currently realized by dialects like Forced Routing or Id‘s for Fixing_assignments

For detailed release notes see KBL JIRA Release Notes.

The prostep ivip / VDA Recommendation for this release is now published. You will find the Recommendation here.

Version 2.4 SR-1

Version 2.4

Version 2.3 SR-1

Version 2.2

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