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Vehicle Electric Container (VEC)

On this page, the resources and documentations for all VEC version can be found.

Which documents are distributed for a VEC version depends on the type of release. The following release types are used and are reflected in the version numbering pattern:

Major Releases

Theses releases are normally integrating a significant amount of changes. They can identified in a change of the first or second digit of the version number. (e.g. 1.1 vs. 1.0). These releases are always accompanied by the release of a new version of the VDA Recommendation.

Bugfix and Feature Releases

Bugfix and Feature Releases are published in between the major releases. They are used to allow a timely response on feature request and bug reports, especially from ongoing implementation projects. These releases can be published more frequently, since such releases have a more lean process.

Distributed Documents

For each Version a some documents are distributed:

  1. VDA Recommendation (only for Major Releases)
  2. An updated Model Description (Online and/or as PDF): This description is contained in the VDA Recommendation.
  3. XML Schema Files: There are always two schema variants distributed. One variant defining OpenEnumerations as String values and a strict variant, where the OpenEnuermations are defined as schema restrictions. For more information about the OpenEnumerations see the corresponding chapter in VDA Recommendation.
  4. Schematron-Schema: From version 1.1.3 onwards the project group is publishing an additional schematron schema. This schema defines additional constraints that can not be defined in an XML Schema. These constraints are part of the VEC Specification and the compliance with them is mandatory for a valid VEC file. For the usage of the schematron schema see the Schematron Validation How To

Version History

Version 1.1.3

Version 1.1.2

This version brings features introduced in KBL 2.4 to the VEC. Additionally it also implements feature requests and bug fixes brought up during the first implementations in the area of component descriptions. For details release notes see VEC JIRA Release Notes. For this version no new specification document will be published.

Version 1.1.1

This version fixes a technical bug in the namespace declaration, only. The 1.1.0 model description and the associated tutorials are still valid. more..

Version 1.1

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