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Component Assignment


In this illustration a component box is shown, more precisely a fuse and relay carrier with its connected fuses and harness connectors. As already mentioned in the chapter “Description of component boxes” there are several types of possible connected components, e.g. FuseConnector or RelayConnector, Harness- or WiringConnectors.

The lower diagram shows the most basic assignment of components (e.g. a fuse) to a component box (purple square in the upper illustration). On the left side of the diagram a Component is shown, on the right side a ComponentBox. The specifications (part master data) are highlighted in blue, the instances are highlighted in green.

Regular Components (e.g. Fuses) have a single HousingComponent with a ConnectorHousingSpecification. The ConnectorHousingSpecification defines the geometric properties of the Component.

The assignment of a Component in its slot in a ComponentBox for a specific instance is done the standard mechanism in the VEC for the connection of Components, Connectors etc., the CouplingPoint. In its most basic variant, only the assignment between two ConnectorHousingRoles is defined. If there is the need to specify the connection between these components and name the concrete pins and cavities it is necessary to model the slots and cavities in the ConnectorHousingSpecification and their references in the corresponding roles to link them in the slot- and cavity coupling.

For more detailed definition see the CouplingPoint examples.

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