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Fig. 1: Mutlifuse Example A mutlifuse is a special type of fuse that combines multiple fuses in a single component (see figure 1). In contrast to a regular fuse, where there are only two interchangeable pins, the multi fuse has a single dedicated supplying pin and multiple protected pins.

An individual fuse component is located between each protected pin and the supplying pin. Each fuse component can have its own technical properties (e.g. max current).

As shown in figure 2 a multi fuse is represented in the VEC by a MutliFuseSpecification, which is a specialization of the EEComponentSpecification. Therefore all aspects described in the general section potentially apply to multi fuses as well. This sample describes only the aspects that are specific for multi fuses.

In the VEC, a multi fuse has one HousingComponent with a PinComponent for each pin. Each integrated fuse in the multifuse is represented by a FuseComponent. The fuse component references the pin components that are connected through it and specifies the properties for this (e.g. iMax) through a FuseSpecification.

The geometrical shape of the multi fuse is defined by a ConnectorHousingSpecification with Slots and Cavities. The cavities are referenced by the pin components.

Fig. 2: Specification Multifuse

Multifuse Example

<Specification id="id_2000_0" xsi:type="vec:MultiFuseSpecification">
	<HousingComponent id="id_2023_0">
		<PinComponent id="id_2024_0">
			<Description id="id_1003_1" xsi:type="vec:LocalizedString">
		<PinComponent id="id_2024_1">
		<PinComponent id="id_2024_2">
		<PinComponent id="id_2024_3">
	<IMaxTotal id="id_2080_0">
	<FuseComponents id="id_2046_0">
		<ConnectedPins>id_2024_0 id_2024_1</ConnectedPins>
	<FuseComponents id="id_2046_1">
		<ConnectedPins>id_2024_0 id_2024_2</ConnectedPins>
	<FuseComponents id="id_2046_2">
		<ConnectedPins>id_2024_0 id_2024_3</ConnectedPins>

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