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 +====== 3.1 Basic Component Description ======
 +{{map> ​ ..:​diagrams:​3_1_basic_component_description.jpg?​398x230 ​ }}
 +  * [[:​models:​vec_v1_1_2:​classes:​fixingspecification|FixingSpecification @ 220,​182,​389,​218 ]]
 +  * [[:​models:​vec_v1_1_2:​classes:​connectorhousingspecification|ConnectorHousingSpecification @ 10,​182,​207,​216 ]]
 +  * [[:​models:​vec_v1_1_2:​classes:​partversion|PartVersion @ 80,7,308,98 ]]
 +<​html> ​  <​head> ​    </​head> ​  <​body> ​    <​p>​ Many of the classes in the VEC are used for the defintion of the general properties of a component (Part Master Data). This is done with specifications (VEC Naming Convention “<​i>​XXXSpecification</​i>​”). A specification defines all properties of a component that are that are independant of a specific usage of the component (e.g. the number of cavities of connector or the cross section area of a wire). The type of the component, and thereby the available properties, is defined by the classification of the specification (e.g. <​i>​ConnectorHousingSpecification</​i>​ for a connector housing). The PDM Information of a component (e.g. the part number) is defined by a <​i>​PartVersion</​i>​. ​    </​p> ​     <p> Since a component can have properties of different classifications (e.g. a connector can also have properties of a fixing) it is possible in the VEC to define multiple different specifications for a single part. The attribute “<​i>​primaryPartType</​i>​” defines which the primary character of the component is.      </​p> ​   </​body>​ </​html> ​
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