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 +====== 3.2 Instantiation of Parts ======
 +{{map> ​ ..:​diagrams:​3_2_instantiation_of_parts.jpg?​515x227 ​ }}
 +  * [[:​models:​vec_v1_1_2:​classes:​fixingrole|FixingRole @ 371,​192,​472,​218 ]]
 +  * [[:​models:​vec_v1_1_2:​classes:​partoccurrence|PartOccurrence @ 364,​24,​503,​70 ]]
 +  * [[:​models:​vec_v1_1_2:​classes:​fixingspecification|FixingSpecification @ 21,​178,​190,​214 ]]
 +  * [[:​models:​vec_v1_1_2:​classes:​partversion|PartVersion @ 7,​10,​215,​101 ]]
 +<​html> ​  <​head> ​    </​head> ​  <​body> ​    <​p>​ If a component should be used in the VEC it must be instantiated. This can be done in two ways. The first way is used if a concrete part number is known. The second way is used if a part number is unknown and only requirements for a component should be defined. ​    </​p> ​     <p> The first case is illustrated in this diagram and is quite similar to the way how components have been used in the KBL. The part is identified by a PartVersion with a PartNumber, Version and the issuing Company. The general properties of the component are defined by a specification (a FixingSpecification in the example). The use of the component is expressed by a “PartOccurrence”. All usage specific properties of component (e.g. the length of a wire) are defined by a Role. The used role must correspond to a specification. The VEC Naming Convention is XXXRole corresponds to XXXSpecification. ​    </​p> ​     <p> In object oriented terms, one can say the PartVersion and Specification are defining the type (or classification) of a component, the PartOccurrence and the Role are defining the instance of a component. ​    </​p> ​     <p> &#​160; ​    </​p> ​   </​body>​ </​html> ​
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