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VEC 1.4 Tutorials

Examples for the proper use of the VEC Model


The VDA recommendation 4968 “Vehicle Electric Container (VEC)” defines an information model, a data dictionary, and an XML schema derived from and compliant to the model.

The intention of the model was to cover a wide range of use cases and application scenarios. For this reason the specification have to be kept generic in some degree.

To avoid dialects in VEC implementations further guidelines or recommendations are necessary. This document contributes to the unambiguous interpretation of the VEC standard. For various wiring harness definition or electrical system aspects the correct instantion is shown.

Change History

Version VEC Version Date Author Description
1.0 1.0.5 05.04.2013 Johannes Becker First release; Compliant to VEC model V1.0.5
1.1 1.1.0 29.07.2014 Johannes Becker Adapted Tutorials to VEC Version V1.1.0
1.2 1.1.0 05.08.2014 Johannes Becker Added the Tutorials 3.5 Connectors and 3.7 Accessories
1.3 1.1.0 29.10.2014 Johannes Becker Adapted the Tutorials for the new placement definition in VEC 1.1.
Added Tutorials 3.8 Grommets with Placement and 3.9 Channels and extended the example 3.5 Connectors for connectors with multiple segment connection points. Added Tutorial 1.3 Physical Properties
1.4 1.1.2 12.05.2016 Johannes Becker Added or extended multiple requested tutorials:
3.5 Connectors
3.6 ECUs and EE Components
3.7 Pinning
3.11 Fixings
4.1 Placements
For detailed release notes, please see ProSTEP JIRA

Table of content

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