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How To Contribute

Anyone can write and make changes to the ProSTEP iViP Wiki articles in the category “Electrical Systems Informations”. The publication of articles in the categories “Specifications & Tutorials” and “ECAD Community” are subject to the editorial team. But you are free to comment any article in this wiki. When you are contributing to this wiki we would like to know who you are. Therefore it is necessary to register before submitting an article.

Registration Procedure

To register as a new user of the ECAD Wiki is simple. Just follow the link register and fill out the registration form. You will be asked to provide a user name, your real name and a valid email address. The registration for the issue management is a separate process and is described below.

Wiki Rules & Publication Procedure

All articles and documents in this Wiki are available for everyone. You do not have to register to read an article. If you want to provide a new article or enhance an exisiting one, you have to register before. New and modified articles will not be published automatically. Before publication a review process by the editorial team takes place.

Issue Management for the Standards

The submission and tracking of issues against the specifications are managed by the JIRA issue management system KBL-Forum. The name is for historical reasons, but it deals with all our specifications including the VEC. To review and submit issues you must have a valid user account. To get an account, please send a request to

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