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Get the most comprehensive standard for the digital representation of information created during the Electrical System Development Process.

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Latest Release v1.2.0

Welcome to the ECAD Wiki

Everything about VEC & Friends

This is the place for all information about the standardization activities of the prostep ivip Association and the VDA in the field of wiring harness development and electrical systems design.

You will find here all specifications and recommendations published by the joint Project Group VES-WF together with additional background information, implementation guidelines and examples. Furthermore the ECAD Wiki is a source for articles dedicated to engineering processes and methods in the electrical system development and their related technologies.

If you find a bug, have a feature request or if you want to participate in the improvement and development process, then see here how you can contribute.


New section "Sample Files" published in the ECAD-WIKI

We have added a new section Sample Files to the ECAD-WIKI and migrated the sample files which have already been available in the old ECAD-WIKI. We are currently working on making more sample data available in WIKI. You can help us with this. If you have sample data of a VEC or KBL implementation that can be made publicly available, we would be happy if you would provide us with it.

KBL 2.5-SR1 & Implementation Guidlines released

We just released the first service release for KBL Version 2.5. This release just contains some bug fixes and a minor feature improvement. Please refer to the model description and the release notes, which can be found here. As this is just a service release, there will be no update / republication of the recommendation document. Additionally we published some new implementation guidelines, specifically for the KBL which can be found here.

VEC 1.2.0 released

Despite the Corona Lockdown we were very active in the last weeks. The results of this work are now becoming visible step by step. After we already launched the ECAD Wiki in a completely new look a few weeks ago, we can now proudly announce that the VEC 1.2.0 is publicly available. This is the next major step towards a consistent and complete model of the physical network of vehicles and the associated data.

Volkswagen KBL documentation updated

Now with detailed description of the usage of the KBL element B_spline_curve

VEC Implementation Guidelines republished

From now on the Implementation Guidelines are published in different format and with a changed release process.

Project Groups

Organizational structures for the development & improvement of VEC & KBL.

Vehicle Electric Systems Workflow Forum

The VES-WF is an association of companies that are active in the field of wiring harness design and manufacturing.

The objective with regard to a model-based development process is the definition of an integrated and complete digital product model of the vehicle electric system.

ECAD Implementor Forum

The ECAD-IF is an association of tool manufacturers and vendors that implement the standards published by the VES-WF.

The objective is to support implementation projects and to ensure interoperability between the different platforms by establishing common test activities and publishing implementation guidelines.