VEC 1.2.2 released

Due to a nasty bug in the VEC V1.2.0 Model we had to make a bug fix release. The TopologyZoneSpecification was missing its inheritance relationship to Specification. This rendered the TopologyZoneSpecification unusable, as only Specifications are contained in a DocumentVersion and in consequence in the resulting XML document. Additional the TopologyZoneAssignment has a recursive self-reference which makes its instantiation impossible as well. All VEC V1.2.0 are fully compatible with the VEC V1.2.2 schema since the fixed element could not be used anyways.

The model description and the release notes can be found here.

Johannes Becker
Johannes Becker
Service Provider for the VES-WF & ECAD-IF

As a service provider for the VES-WF and the ECAD-IF, I am one of the authors of the VEC and the KBL.