VEC 2.0.0 released

Today we are proud to announce public availability of VEC 2.0.0. This is the next major step towards a consistent and complete model of the physical network of vehicles and the associated data.

With this version the VEC switched to a semantic versioning scheme. As this version contains schema incompatible changes it is published as a new major version. A new recommendation is not published at this point. This version addresses about 60 Bugs and Features Requests.

The issues that were resolved came mainly from two areas:

  1. Direct feedback from implementation projects, and
  2. Requirements from the ARENA 2036 IILS / DIN 72036.

More details, the model description and the release notes can be found here.

Johannes Becker
Johannes Becker
Service Provider for the VES-WF & ECAD-IF

As a service provider for the VES-WF and the ECAD-IF, I am one of the authors of the VEC and the KBL.