Volkswagen - VOBES - Component Box

Company: Volkswagen
System: VOBES ELENA (V2.3.0 (+ manual edit))
Use Case: Harness with Component Box


This file has been modified manually as a sample. It is based on a VOBES KBL (V2.3SR-1) test case file, which does not contain any product relevant design.

This KBL file contains a component_box with some fuses attached to it. One of the fuses is a multi-fuse, which means a preformed metal sheet that spreads over several fuse slots, providing an integrated fuse for each of them. It connects the fuse slots with one power supply bolt. The multi-fuse itself is represented by an assembly of single dummy-fuses. The internal connections and the links to attached connectors or ring terminals are provided.

The KBL file has been validated against the KBL 2.4 schema. The Component_box(_occurrence) is the only KBL 2.4 feature in this file.


Name Title Type Version Created
vobes_sample_kbl24_mit_sicherungstraeger.kbl - KBL 2.4 Mar 19, 2015

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