Specification of Splices

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For historical reasons, the representation of splices in the KBL is quite implicit. A splice is represented as a regular Connector_housing respectively a Connector_occurrence. It can be identified with the Connector_occurrence.Usage and/or Connector_housing.Housing_type (see KBLFRM-1025 ). Due to these generic approach the splice is currently missing some splice specific information on the occurrence level in the KBL model:

  • Type: Defines if the splice is a parallel splice or an end splice. An end splice is a splice where all wires are inserted from the same side of the splice, a parallel splice has wires from both sides.
  • Seal State: Defines if the splice should be sealed or not.

To overcome this limitation the following Installation_instructions shall be used on the Connector_occurrence

Instruction_type Definition Instruction_value (one of)
splice_type Defines whether there are requirements for the implementation of the splice, and if so, what they are. [end_splice, inline_splice, unspec_splice]
seal_state Defines requirements for the implementation of the sealing of the splice [sealed, unsealed]