Note: There is a newer version of this specification see KBL 2.5.sr1

An External_reference is a mechanism to provide information of the documents associated with the Part. Example: 3D model, form board drawings, etc.

General Information

Attribute Value
Owner 6_Foundation
Applied Stereotype
Base Classifier
Is Abstract false
Derived Classifiers


Name Type Mult. Description Owning Classifier
Document_type String 1

The document_type specifies the kind of the document. Where applicable the following values shall be used: - 3D-Data set (wiring, construction unit) - 2D-Data set (Ltgs design, symbol, plug face) - cable connection diagram - set of cables database (VW: LCS-Container) - specification of set of cables - standards, technical guidelines

Document_number String 1

The document_number specifies the identifier of the document.

Change_level String 1

The change_level specifies the version of the document.

File_name String 0..1

The file_name specifies the name which is used to locate the file either on a computer system or in a repository of paper documents.

Location String 0..1

The location specifies where a document can be found in a digital or physical data storage system.

Data_format String 1

The data_format specifies the convention that was used to structure the information in the document.

Creating_system String 0..1

The creating_system specifies the computer application or the machine which is used to create the document.


Incoming Relations

Type Mult. Role Mult. Description
KBL_container 1 External_reference 0..*
Connection 0..* External_references 0..*
Part 0..* External_references 0..*