A Fixing is a part of the harness used to fix its (the harness) position on something e.g. the body of a car. The term fixing does not refer to the fact that the part itself is attached in some way to the wiring harness. Such parts (e.g. cable ties, labels, abrasion protections) have the type Accessory.

General Information

Attribute Value
Owner 2_Parts
Applied Stereotype
Base Classifier Part
Is Abstract false
Derived Classifiers


Name Type Mult. Description Owning Classifier
Part_number String 1

The part_number specifies the identifier of the Part. The format of the part number is user defined (company specific).

Company_name String 1

The company_name specifies the name of the organizational context in which the Part_number is defined.

Alias_id Alias_identification 0..*

The alias_id specifies an additional part_number that is used to identify the Part in another organizational context (e.g. company).

Version String 1

The version specifies the version identifier of the Part. A version cumulates and consolidates one or more single changes.

Abbreviation String 1

The abbreviation specifies a short name for a Part.

Description String 1

The description specifies additional information about the Part.

Localized_description Localized_string 0..*

The description specifies additional information about the object. The Localized_description provides the possibility to define descriptions for different language codes.

Predecessor_part_number String 0..1

The predecessor_part_number specifies the part number of the predecessor of the Part.

Degree_of_maturity String 0..1

The degree_of_maturity specifies the degree of maturity of a Part. Where applicable the following values shall be used: - ‘draft’ - ‘planning’ - ’equipment order’ - ‘disposition’

Copyright_note String 0..1

The copyright_note specifies copyright information for a Part.

Mass_information Numerical_value 0..1

The mass_information specifies the mass of a Part. Example: Valid values for the unit of the Numerical_value specifying the mass are ‘gram’, ‘kilogram’, or also ‘kg/piece’, ‘gram/meter’

Part_number_type Part_number_type 0..1

Defines the type of a Part_number since part numbers are used in the process to identify different characteristics. See the OpenEnumeration Part_number_type. The default value is ‘real part’ the attribute is not defined.

Fixing_type String 0..1

The fixing_type specifies the type of a Fixing. Note: There are no values pre-defined. Special values have to be negotiated between exchange partners. Example: Examples are ‘fastening part’, ‘channel’, ‘sleeve’, ‘shaft’, ‘conduct’, ‘pine-tree’


Incoming Relations

Type Mult. Role Mult. Description
KBL_container 1 Fixing 0..*
Fixing_occurrence 1..* Part 1