A node forms begin and end of a Segment.

 A Node can define a Folding_direction. It specifies the direction into which the Node and its adjacent branch is folded in the finished harness product. This definition is necessary for example for end splices, where the splice is placed on a short branch, that is folded into / onto another segment after the assembly of the splice. In the finished product, such branches are cover by the the Wire_protection that covers the Segment into which the branch is folded.

For the sake of a clear interpretation, the following restrictions apply:

  1. A branch is a linear subset of the topology (Node -> Segment -> Node -> Segment -> Node ->...), with at least one segment. No splitting or branching is allowed.
  2. A Folding_direction shall be defined only for Nodes that are at the end of a branch (The Node is only referenced by 1 Segment).
  3. The branch is folded completely into the direction defined by the Folding_direction .All Segments starting at the Node defining the Folding_direction, till the first Node that has more than two Segments pointing to it. This Node is the beginning of the branch.
  4. The Segment referenced in the Folding_direction shall be a Segment that is adjacent to the Node where the branch is beginning.

General Information

Attribute Value
Owner 5_Topology
Applied Stereotype
Base Classifier Changed_element
Is Abstract false
Derived Classifiers


Name Type Mult. Description Owning Classifier
Id String 1

The id specifies the identifier of the Node.

Alias_id Alias_identification 0..*

The alias_id specifies additional identifiers for the Node. Example: Node Ids may vary from one CAD system export to another. Therefore the CAD system Id is improper for Id attribute. Id shall have a value which is unique within the harness. Alias_id may be used for the CAD system Id.

Bend_radius Numerical_value 0..1

The bend_radius specifies the maximum bend radius at the Node. Example: May be used for the routing of fibre-optics.


Outgoing Relations

Type Role Mult. Mult. Description
Located_component referenced_components 0..* 0..*
Segment Folding_direction 0..1

Defines the direction (Segment) in which this Node will be folded (see Description of Node).

Cavity_occurrence referenced_cavities 0..* 0..*
Cartesian_point Cartesian_point 1 0..*
Processing_instruction Processing_information 0..* 1

Incoming Relations

Type Mult. Role Mult. Description
Segment 0..* End_node 1
KBL_container 1 Node 0..*
Segment 0..* Start_node 1