Instantiation of Model Structures

Change History

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Latest Commit KBLFRM-1190: Moved content from Recommendation to Impl.-Guidelines and added docs for mandatory doubles. 2024-03-14
KBLFRM-1191  Extracted information from PSI recommendation and extended it where necesseray. 2024-03-14

There are various locations in the VEC model where structures / patterns are defined and used / instantiated somewhere else (e.g. a connector with its slots and cavities). In most cases, the elements in the definition of a structure have corresponding elements in the instancing (e.g. ConnectorHousingSpecificationConnectorHousingRole, SlotSlotReference & CavityCavityReference).

In cases where defined structures are instantiated, these structures shall be instantiated completely. That means, for every element in the structural definition a corresponding element in the instancing shall exist, regardless if it is used in the respective VEC or not (e.g. for each Cavity of a ConnectorHousingSpecification, a CavityReference in the corresponding ConnectorHousingRole shall exist). This applies to the following list of structures, which is here for reasons of clarification and which is not exhaustive:

  • Connectors
  • Wires
  • EEComponents
  • CompositeParts (e.g. Assemblies or Modules)