Type Inheritance

Change History

Id Subject Date
Latest Commit KBLFRM-1190: Moved content from Recommendation to Impl.-Guidelines and added docs for mandatory doubles. 2024-03-14
KBLFRM-1191  Extracted information from PSI recommendation and extended it where necesseray. 2024-03-14

The VEC uses an object-oriented class and inheritance concept. The following clarifications apply to its use:

  • Only non-abstract classes can be instantiated.
  • In an inheritance hierarchy, the choice of the used type represents a semantic information itself. For example, the usage of a PluggableTerminalSpecification is a more specific information than the usage of a TerminalSpecification. It is not required to use the more specific class if the information is not available or it should not be transmitted. However, it is not permitted to use the more general class and transfer the information of the more specific class in a custom property, or similar (e.g. use the TerminalSpecification with a CustomProperty type=pluggable).