VEC Version 1.1.3

Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0

This version brings features in the area of electrical design (especially new semantics for the 3 layers (Net, Connection, and Wiring Specification). Additionally there are a lot of small improvements, mainly new attributes, for the description of components and new OpenEnumerations.

For detailed release notes see VEC JIRA Release Notes.

On the technical side there have been two improvements as well:

  1. The schema is now published with the documentation from the model for classes and attributes embedded in the schema (<xs:documentation/>). An undocumented version of the schemas is published as well, mainly to allow an easy comparison with older versions.
  2. Besides the XML Schema Definition there is now also an Schematron schema with additional semantic constraints. The rules in the Schematron schema might become mandatory in future versions. For version 1.1.3 the Schematron schema can be considered to have BETA status. For the usage of the schematron schema see the Schematron Validation How To.

For this version no new specification document will be published. An updated and extended version of the tutorials will be published on a later date.

Additional Resources

Table of Content

  1. Overview
  2. Release Notes
  3. Key Concepts
    1. Parts and Documents
    2. Unit System
    3. Localization of Values
    4. Extensibility with Custom Properties
    5. Variants
    6. Usage Node
    7. Usage Constraints
  4. PDM Information
    1. Lifecycle Information
    2. Item History
    3. Item Equivalence
  5. Description of Components
    1. Foundation Classes for Physical Properties
    2. Description of Parts
    3. General Technical Part
    4. Wire
    5. Terminals
    6. Wire End Accessory
    7. Connector Housings
    8. Cavity Mapping
    9. Cavity Seals and Cavity Plugs
    10. EE-Components
    11. EE-Component subclasses
    12. Multi Fuse
    13. Pinning Information & Pinning Variance
    14. Wire Protections
    15. Fixings, Grommets and CableDucts
    16. Placeable Elements
    17. Compatibility
    18. Contact System
    19. Part Substitutions
  6. Instances of Components
    1. Instantiation of Components
    2. Instances of Wires
    3. Instances of Terminals
    4. Instances of Connector Housings
    5. Instances of Cavity Seals and Cavity Plugs
    6. Instances of EE-Components
    7. Instances of Wire Protections
    8. Instances of Fixings, Grommets and Cable Ducts
    9. Instances of undefined Components
    10. Instances of Placeable Components
    11. Installation Instructions
  7. Topology and Geometry
    1. Topology- and Topology Group Specification
    2. 2D-Geometry
    3. 3D-Geometry
    4. Locations
    5. Placement and Dimensions
    6. Default Dimensions
    7. Routing
  8. Connectivity
    1. Signal Specification
    2. Net Specification
    3. Connection Specification
    4. Wiring Specification
    5. Contacting Specification
    6. Coupling Specification
    7. Wire Grouping Specification
  9. Complex Part Descriptions
    1. Assemblies, Modules and Harness (Configurations)
    2. Harness and Variants
  10. External Mapping
    1. External Mapping
  11. XML Representation of the Model
    1. VEC-Root
    2. Mapping of the VEC Model to XML schema definition (XSD)
    3. Open and Closed Enumerations
  12. Classes