Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.0.2

Defines the predefined DocumentTypes of a PartVersion. A certain DocumentType has normally a typical set of information that is defined within its scope. E.g. a part master document contains Specifications that are used for the description of a defined PartVersion.

The content and the degree of information a DocumentType may vary in the different processes.

General Information

Attribute Value
Owner core
Applied Stereotype

Enumeration Literals

Name Description
PartMaster Documents of this type describe the master data of a part / component (e.g. a ConnectorHousing, a Terminal, a Wire).
HarnessDescription Documents of this type contain the description of a Harness (which is for example the scope of the KBL).
GraphicsSymbol Documents of this type represent a graphical symbol (2D), which is normally an external file (e.g. a SVG, PNG). Typical use cases are for example the symbols of connectors used in a 2D drawing.
GeometryModel Documents of this type represent a geometry model (3D), which is normally an external file (e.g. a JT File or some native file of a 3D modelling tool). Typical use cases are for example the models of components (e.g. connectors) used in a 3D model or the 3D visualization of a Harness.
MasterDataDefinition Documents of this type master data definition e.g. list valid UsageNodes or list valid Signals.