Coupling Specification

Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0

Coupling Specification

A CouplingSpecification is a container for various CouplingPoints. Each CouplingPoint defines a pluggable connection. All subelements are disconnected if the coupling is disconnected. A coupling can occur with a connector (e.g. Inliner) or without a connector (e.g. Ringterminal).

The CouplingPoint, the SlotCoupling and the CavityCoupling defines the mapping between two coupled connectors.

The MatingPoint defines the mapping between terminals and therefore the electrical properties of the coupling.

Each MatingPoint references two TerminalRoles as a pair of terminals that are intended to be connected in the vehicle electric system. This can either be a female and a male pluggable terminal or a ring terminal and a bolt. In cases of ambiguity a MatingPoint can additionally specify various MatingDetails in order to reference the relevant TerminalReceptions.

Note: MatingPoints are ConfigurableElements and so can reference a VariantCondition.

In the development process exist multiple scenarios, where a coupling will not be specified completely. E.g. in the electro logical design a coupling might be defined based on terminals only (e.g. between the wiring harness and an ECU), while the used connector is not yet know. The opposite scenario can occur in the geometric development.