VEC Version 1.2.0 (deprecated)

Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0

Due to a schema bug this version has been replaced (schema compatible) with the bug fix release V1.2.2 (for more details see KBLFRM-1128 and KBLFRM-1146 ).

This version is the 3rd edition of the “Vehicle Electric Container (VEC)” PSI 21 / VDA 4968 Recommendation. It contains many improvements and extensions in various areas and it also publishes the changes from previous minor versions (1.1.1 - 1.1.3) in the form of a formal recommendation.

Between this Version (1.2) of the recommendation and the direct predecessor recommendation (Version 1.1) over 190 individual issues have been addressed. The following section lists the main subjects that have been changed, improved or added. A overview of the main improvements, information about incompatibilities to preceding versions and a complete and detailed change history is available in the release notes.

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