Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0

Specification for the definition of slots.

General Information

Attribute Value
Owner electrical_parts
Applied Stereotype
Base Classifier Specification
Is Abstract false
Derived Classifiers


Name Type Mult. Description Owning Classifier
identification String 1

Specifies a unique identification of the specification. The identification is guaranteed to be unique within the document containing the specification. For all VEC-documents a Specification-instance can be trusted to be identical if the DocumentVersion-instance is the same (see DocumentVersion) and the identification of the Specification is the same.

description AbstractLocalizedString 0..*

Specifies additional, human readable information about the specification.

emvProtectionRequired Boolean 0..1

Specifies whether the slot needs EMV protection.

gender SlotGender 0..1

Specifies the gender of the slot. Valid values are defined in an open enumeration.

layoutType String 0..1

Specifies the slot’s layout type.

secondaryLocking Boolean 0..1

Specifies whether the slot supports secondary locking.

numberOfCavities Integer 1

The possible number of cavities in the layout defined by the SlotSpecification. This includes all cavities in the layout. The actual Slot can define specific cavities in the layout as “not available”.


Outgoing Relations

Type Role Mult. Mult. Description
SlotLayout slotLayout 0..1 1

References the layout associated with this slot.

Incoming Relations

Type Mult. Role Mult. Description
AbstractSlot 0..* slotSpecification 0..1 References the SlotSpecification that is satisfied by the slot.