Composite Part Descriptions

Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0

The KBL defined a fixed hierarchy for composite parts, where different concepts covered specific aspects. These concepts were all represented in the model individually: Harness, Module, HarnessConfiguration, Assembly. From a structural point of view, all of them where quite the same, a composition of components (parts), the only real difference is the handling in process. However, the point of view might change the handling in the process.

For example, a module is assembled of components like connector housings, wires and terminals or pre-assembled parts (assembly) that are again assembled of connector housings, wires and terminals. From an abstract point of view a part regarded as a module by one process partner could be regarded as an assembly by another process partner and vice versa.

The VEC harmonizes these different concepts into one general concept for all these aspects. The following sections are describing this concept.