Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0


A VariantConfigurationSpecification is a container for various VariantConfigurations. Each VariantConfiguration describes a certain constraint which makes it possible to determine whether a relating ConfigurableElement is relevant regarding a certain configuration or not. All classes in the VEC that can reference information about their VariantConfiguration inherit directly or indirectly from ConfigurableElement.

The ApplicationConstraint is quite like the VariantConfiguration. It restricts or allows the application of a specific configurable element (e.g. a PartOccurrence or an element of a system schematic). It is complementary to the VariantConfiguration which is defined in some form of control string and restricts the existence of an element based on the feature space (within a platform). The ApplicationConstraint is focused on the dimensions of time and product hierarchy in a concise semantic way (attributes and relationships).

Note: Please refer to the detailed class description for information about which elements inherit from ConfigurableElement.

Note: VariantConfiguration.logisticControlExpression has been introduced as an alternative attribute for VariantConfiguration.logisticControlString. For the logisticControlExpression the prostep ivip project group “VES-WF” wants to introduce a defined syntax in the future.