VEC Version 2.0.0

Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0

With this version the VEC switched to a semantic versioning scheme. As this version contains schema incompatible changes it is published as a new major version. A new recommendation is not published at this point. This version addresses about 60 Bugs and Features Requests.

The issues that were resolved came mainly from two areas:

  1. Direct feedback from implementation projects, and
  2. Requirements from the ARENA 2036 IILS.

The ARENA 2036 IILS is an ongoing initiative that has the objective to “drive forward the automation of the development, production and assembly of the wire harness”.

One of the results is DIN 72036, which, among other things, defines design rules to enable the automation of line sets. The possibility of automatic verification of wiring harness designs against these rules is a key requirement. As a result, DIN 72036 defines data profiles for KBL and VEC containing the data requirements to evaluate those design rules. Data requirements of DIN 72036, which were not yet covered in the VEC, have been addressed in this version.

Highlights in this version are:

  1. Open Enumerations: To avoid dialects and to improve the semantic sharpness of the VEC, more than twenty string-attributes have been replaced with OpenEnumerations. In addition, literals have been added to various OpenEnumerations.
  2. Support for DIN 72036: as explained above.
  3. Geometric Properties for Connector Housings: We added detailed geometric properties for connectors, like cavity positions, locations of segment connection points (see Geometric Properties of Connector Housings).
  4. Support for generic labeling properties of components and instances: See Labeling and Instances of Labels.
This version of the model description and XML schema is published without a new version of the “PSI21 prostep ivip recommendation VEC”. The recommendation remains valid, however the content of chapters 5 and 7 can be considered as replaced by the online documentation of this version.

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