Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0

A BaselineSpecification defines a set of ItemVersions (Document- and PartVersions) that relate to each other in a certain way e.g. all parts and documents in their specific versions that contributed to a specific manufactured result.

Baselines are a standard mechanism to support change, release and configuration management.

General Information

Attribute Value
Owner core
Applied Stereotype
Base Classifier Specification
Is Abstract false
Derived Classifiers


Name Type Mult. Description Owning Classifier
identification String 1

Specifies a unique identification of the specification. The identification is guaranteed to be unique within the document containing the specification. For all VEC-documents a Specification-instance can be trusted to be identical if the DocumentVersion-instance is the same (see DocumentVersion) and the identification of the Specification is the same.

description AbstractLocalizedString 0..*

Specifies additional, human readable information about the specification.

state BaselineState 0..1

Defines the state of the baseline itself (e.g. if it is finalized or work in progress).


content BaselineContent 0..1

Defines the state of the content of the baseline in regard of its defined scope.



Outgoing Relations

Type Role Mult. Mult. Description
ItemVersion validVersions 0..* 0..*

References the ItemVersions that are the content of the baseline.