Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0

A WireEnd is the end of a wire. This class mainly needed for the definition of a contacting. As a wire can be contacted on more than two ends (e.g. IDC) the WireEnd has a position on the wire.

General Information

Attribute Value
Owner instancing_electrical_parts
Applied Stereotype
Base Classifier ExtendableElement
Is Abstract false
Derived Classifiers


Name Type Mult. Description Owning Classifier
identification String 0..1

Specifies a unique identification of the WireEnd. The identification is guaranteed to be unique within the WireElementReference.

positionOnWire Double 1

Specifies the position of the WireEnd on the wire. This must be a value between 0 and 1.


Outgoing Relations

Type Role Mult. Mult. Description
ConnectionEnd connectionEnd 0..* 0..*

Incoming Relations

Type Mult. Role Mult. Description
WireTupleTermination 0..* associatedWireEnds 0..*
WireMounting 0..* referencedWireEnd 1..*

References the wire ends that are used for the wire mounting. The minimum cardinality is one, because a wire mounting without wire end makes no sense.

The maximum cardinality is * in order to support multi crimps.

WireMountingDetail 0..* referencedWireEnd 1..* References the WireEnds that are mounted to referenced WireReception. A cardinality of more than one is allowed in order support parallel connectors, where multiple wire ends are placed on one side of the connector (one wire reception) and the other wire ends are placed on the other side of the connector (the other wire reception).
WireElementReference 1 wireEnd 0..* Specifies the ends of the WireElementReference for contacting purposes.