Release Notes - Version 2.0.0

Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.0.1

Schema Incompatible Changes

The following issues required schema incompatible changes and forced a major version.

  • KBLFRM-999 Missing Traceability between ConnectorHousingRole and ComponentConnector
  • KBLFRM-1054 Redefined PartVersion.preferredUseCase
  • KBLFRM-1017 Change type for DocumentVersion.numberOfSheets to Integer
  • KBLFRM-854 Direction-Aware Placement of Grommets


  • KBLFRM-1128 TopologyZoneSpecification is missing the inheritance relationship to Specification
  • KBLFRM-1107 MatingPoint documentation still mentions removed MatingSpecification.
  • KBLFRM-1078 FuseType is not documented as OpenEnumeration
  • KBLFRM-1071 Clarified documentation of Hole- [& BoltMountedFixingSpecification.
  • KBLFRM-1017 Change type for DocumentVersion.numberOfSheets to Integer
  • KBLFRM-999 Missing Traceability between ConnectorHousingRole and ComponentConnector


  • KBLFRM-1151 Clarified Description of ItemEquivalence
  • KBLFRM-1149 Open Multiplicity (m:n) for Traceability Relations between Wiring and Schematic Layer
  • KBLFRM-1138 Improved CavityAddOn documentation
  • KBLFRM-1113 Differentiation of different signal transmission media of wires (electrical, optical, …)
  • KBLFRM-1112 Switch to semantic versioning
  • KBLFRM-1104 Added Attribute maximumVoltageCompliance for GeneralTechnicalParts
  • KBLFRM-1099 Added ComponentNodeType for PotentialDistributors
  • KBLFRM-1097 Improved Documentation of TopologyNode.matchingPointId
  • KBLFRM-1095 Clarified Documentation for Positioning of Accessories on Wires
  • KBLFRM-1073 Symmetric Properties for BoltTerminalSpecification, RingTerminalSpecification and PotentialDistributorSpecification
  • KBLFRM-1054 Redefined PartVersion.preferredUseCase
  • KBLFRM-1047 Redefinition WireProtectionRole.ProtectionLength and added MaterialLength
  • KBLFRM-1044 Clarified Documentation for “Transformation3D” (and “Transformation2D”)
  • KBLFRM-1022 Added “AbrasionResistance” to OpenEnumeration “RobustnessClass”
  • KBLFRM-1020 Same physical Realization for Different Logical Connections
  • KBLFRM-1018 Clarified documentation of PartVersion.isPreferredPart.
  • KBLFRM-1009 Add identification to BuildingBlockPositioning[2D/3D]
  • KBLFRM-1008 Add EffectivityControlKey Ranges to ApplicationConstraint / UsageConstraint
  • KBLFRM-998 Add new Literals to OpenEnumeration LocalizedTypedStringType
  • KBLFRM-997 Define supplementary parts for a SlotOccurrence
  • KBLFRM-854 Direction-Aware Placement of Grommets

New Feature

  • KBLFRM-1131 Add Attribute sheetSize to SheetOrChapter
  • KBLFRM-1127 Added SegmentConnectionPoints to E/E-Components
  • KBLFRM-1106 Added Support for Variant Conditions, based on Combinations of VariantConfigurations and ApplicationConstraints
  • KBLFRM-1105 Improved Attributes for Tubes
  • KBLFRM-1101 Added detailed Terminal Dimensions
  • KBLFRM-1098 Added SupplementaryParts to the PlacementPoint / PlacementPointReference
  • KBLFRM-1081 GrommetSpecification: New attribute MountingType
  • KBLFRM-1075 Added Attribute boltShape to BoltMountedFixingSpecification
  • KBLFRM-1066 Labeling of Component and Occurrences
  • KBLFRM-1065 New attribute InsulationSpecification.LabelingTechnology & AllowedLabelingTechnology
  • KBLFRM-1055 Additional Geometric Cavity Parameters
  • KBLFRM-1049 Definition of Twisted Pair Untwist in Part Master Data and Usage
  • KBLFRM-1041 Added Insertion Direction and Length for Cavities
  • KBLFRM-1033 Add Geometric Properties for Cavities within ConnectorHousings
  • KBLFRM-1023 Added View Definitions for Net- & ConnectionSpecifications
  • KBLFRM-1061 OpenEnumeration for PowerConsumption.type
  • KBLFRM-1053 OpenEnumeration for PotentialDistributorSpecification.boltType
  • KBLFRM-1052 OpenEnumeration for RingTerminalSpecification.boltNominalSize
  • KBLFRM-1082 OpenEnumeration for RingTerminalSpecification.boltType
  • KBLFRM-1080 OpenEnumeration for GrommetSpecification.grommetType
  • KBLFRM-1079 OpenEnumeration for FittingSpecification.form
  • KBLFRM-1074 OpenEnumeration for BoltMountedFixingSpecification.boltType
  • KBLFRM-1067 OpenEnumeration for MultiFuseSpecification.fuseType
  • KBLFRM-1064 OpenEnumeration for InsulationSpecification.labelIdentificationType
  • KBLFRM-1063 OpenEnumeration for HoleMountedFixingSpecification.holeShape
  • KBLFRM-1062 OpenEnumeration for HoleMountedFixingSpecification.holeType
  • KBLFRM-1035 OpenEnumeration for PartStructureSpecification.Content
  • KBLFRM-1016 OpenEnumeration for DocumentVersion/FileBasedInstruction.dataFormat
  • KBLFRM-1015 OpenEnumeration for DefaultDimension.dimensionType
  • KBLFRM-1014 OpenEnumeration for ConnectionEnd.gender
  • KBLFRM-1013 OpenEnumeration for BoltTerminalSpecification.boltType
  • KBLFRM-1012 OpenEnumeration for BoltTerminalSpecification.boltNominalSize
  • KBLFRM-1006 OpenEnumeration for ConductorSpecification.type
  • KBLFRM-1005 OpenEnumeration for ConductorSpecification.structure
  • KBLFRM-1004 OpenEnumeration for WireGroupSpecification.groupType
  • KBLFRM-1125 OpenEnumeration for VariantCode.codeType
  • KBLFRM-1124 OpenEnumeration for TemperatureInformation.temperatureType
  • KBLFRM-1123 OpenEnumeration for SlotSpecification.layoutType
  • KBLFRM-1122 OpenEnumeration for ShieldSpecification.windingType