Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0

Specifies a signal.

General Information

Attribute Value
Owner signal
Applied Stereotype
Base Classifier ExtendableElement
Is Abstract false
Derived Classifiers


Name Type Mult. Description Owning Classifier
identification String 1

Specifies a unique identification of the Signal. The identification is guaranteed to be unique within the SignalSpecification.

signalName String 0..1

Name of the Signal, which is not guaranteed to be unique and is normally function oriented.

clampName String 0..1

Specifies the name of the clamp e.g. KL15, KL30, KL31.

aliasId AliasIdentification 0..*

Specifies additional identifiers for the Signal.

description AbstractLocalizedString 0..*

A human readable description of the signal.

signalInformationType SignalInformationType 0..1

Specifies the information type of the signal.

signalTransmissionMediumType SignalTransmissionMediumType 0..1

Specifies the type of the transmission medium for the signal.

signalForm SignalForm 0..1

Specifies the form of the signal.

signalCurve SignalCurve 0..1

Specifies the curve of the signal.

signalType SignalType 0..1 Signal
signalSubType SignalSubType 0..1 Signal
currentType CurrentType 0..1 Signal
nominalVoltage NominalVoltage 0..1 Signal
dataRate NumericalValue 0..1

Defines the data rate of the signal. This applies only to signals with signalType = ‘information’ and signalInformationType = ‘digital’. For the numerical value, an appropriate IECUnit combination shall be used (e.g. GBit / Second).


Outgoing Relations

Other End This End General
Role Type Mult. Agg. Unique Ordered Mult. Description
netType NetType 0..1 N Y N
recommendedInsulationSpecification InsulationSpecification 0..1 N Y N

Defines a recommended Specification for the insulation (e.g. the color) that implements this signal.

recommendedConductorSpecification ConductorSpecification 0..1 N Y N

Defines a recommended Specification for the cores that implement this signal.

wireTupleRequirements WireTupleSpecification 0..1 N Y N

Defines a requirement for wire tuples.

Incoming Relations

This End Other End General
Role Mult. Agg. Unique Ordered Type Mult. Description
signal 0..1 N Y N ComponentPort 0..*

References the Signal that is associated with the ComponentPort.

signal 0..* Y Y N SignalSpecification 1

Specifies the signals.

signal 0..1 N Y N WireElementReference 0..* References the signal that is transmitted by the WireElementReference.
signal 0..1 N Y N PinComponentBehavior 0..*

Specifies the Signal associated with the pin in this behavior.

signal 0..1 N Y N Connection 0..* References the signal that is transmitted by the connection.