Release Notes - Version 2.0.1

Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.0.2


  • KBLFRM-1165 Fehlende Typdeklarationen und min/maxOccurs-Angaben im XML Schema
  • KBLFRM-1163 Rollenangaben fehlen in manchen Assoziationen
  • KBLFRM-1162 Fehlende Dokumentation für Stereotypes
  • KBLFRM-1155 Missing Literals for OpenEnumeration “DefaultDimensionType”


  • KBLFRM-1166 Improve documentation of WireTupleTermination.fixation and WireTupeSpecification.fixationRequired
  • KBLFRM-1164 Added automatic Validations to the UML Model to prevent typical modelling Bugs
  • KBLFRM-1160 New DocumentTypes for 3D-Catalogue Parts
  • KBLFRM-1157 Changed Definition of RobustnessProperties to allow multiple values for Class/ReferenceSystem tuples
  • KBLFRM-988 OpenEnumeration for TerminalReception.Gender