VEC Version 2.0.2

Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0

The version 2.0.2 is a schema compatible bug fix release for Version 2.0.1 (schema compatible except for areas affected by bugs). The changes were:

  1. Renaming of the wrongly named class ConnectionNodeViewItem-> ComponentNodeViewItem. This was done schema compatible by deprecating the ConnectionNodeViewItem.
  2. V2.0.0 introduced the ConfigurationConstraint as subelement to the ConfigurableElement. This turned out to a unfavorable design decision. With this release, the ConfigurationConstraint was moved into its own specification allowing external configuration (from within other documents) of ConfigurableElements.
  3. We added meta-information from the model to XML Schema with <xs:annotation>, for details see here.

Detailed release notes can be found here.

This version of the model description and XML schema is published without a new version of the “PSI21 prostep ivip recommendation VEC”. The recommendation remains valid, however the content of chapters 5 and 7 can be considered as replaced by the online documentation of this version.

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