Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0

Specifies a point where the HousingComponent can be attached to the topology [if required] (sometimes called bundle position point or insertion point).


Note: The suffix HC is justified by the fact that class names must be unique within the model and the name SegmentConnectionPoint is already used within the ConnectorHousingSpecification. However, the represented semantics of the two connection points are so similar that the use of actually different names for both would rather have led to confusion. So SegmentConnectionPointHC actually is short hand for "SegmentConnectionPoint within HousingComponent".

General Information

Attribute Value
Owner electrical_parts
Applied Stereotype
Base Classifier ExtendableElement
Is Abstract false
Derived Classifiers


Name Type Mult. Description Owning Classifier
identification String 1 SegmentConnectionPointHC
wireAddOn NumericalValue 0..1 Defines the wire add-on that is required the reach the referenced SegmentConnectionPoint from this SegmentConnectionPointHC with which the individual cavity add-ons are defined. SegmentConnectionPointHC

Outgoing Relations

Other End This End General
Role Type Mult. Agg. Unique Ordered Mult. Description
placementPoint PlacementPoint 0..1 N Y N 0..*

Specifies the PlacementPoint that represents this SegmentConnectionPoint in a PlaceableElementSpecification.

connectorSegmentConnectionPoint SegmentConnectionPoint 0..1 N Y N 0..* References the SegementConnectionPoint of the ConnectorHousingSpecification that is used to "enter" the connector housing.

Incoming Relations

This End Other End General
Role Mult. Agg. Unique Ordered Type Mult. Description
segmentConnectionPoint 0..* Y Y N HousingComponent 1

Specifies the SegmentConnectionPoints the HousingComponent.