Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0

Documents can be structured into sheets or chapters. Since it is possible, that one document describes a couple of parts it is necessary to be able to specify which sheet or chapter contains the description of which part. (see KBLFRM-308)

General Information

Attribute Value
Owner core
Applied Stereotype
Base Classifier ExtendableElement
Is Abstract false
Derived Classifiers


Name Type Mult. Description Owning Classifier
identification String 1

The identification of the sheet or chapter within the document. This value must be distinct within the context of a document.

sheetNumber String 0..1

The sheetNumber is the major identifier of a SheetOrChapter. The format is user defined and respectively company specific. This field has to be used if a SheetOrChapter has its own "DocumentNumber".

sheetVersion String 0..1

The sheetVersion specifies the version index of a sheet (see also sheetNumber)

description AbstractLocalizedString 0..*

Room for additional, human readable information about the SheetOrChapter.

sheetFormat String 0..1

Defines the format of the SheetOrChapter. This is an alias for a specific sheet / paper size (e.g. DINA4). If both attributes are defined the SheetSize takes precedence.

sheetSize Size 0..1 Defines the size of the sheet with numerical values. This is the size of the "paper", the actual drawing area might be smaller for example due to drawing frames. SheetOrChapter

Outgoing Relations

Other End This End General
Role Type Mult. Agg. Unique Ordered Mult. Description
referencedPart PartVersion 0..* N Y N 0..* The association is an informative link which PartVersions are described by the SheetOrChapter.
specification Specification 0..* Y Y N 0..1 Specifies the Specifications contained in the SheetOrChapter. All structured, technical information in the VEC is described by such Specifications.
changeDescription ChangeDescription 0..* Y Y N 0..1 Specifies the change history of the SheetOrChapter.

Incoming Relations

This End Other End General
Role Mult. Agg. Unique Ordered Type Mult. Description
referencedSheetOrChapter 0..1 N Y N DocumentBasedInstruction 0..* References the SheetOrChapter that is used as an Instruction.
relatedSheetOrChapter 0..1 N Y N DocumentRelatedAssignmentGroup 0..*

Allows a more specific relationship to a SheetOrChapter within the relatedDocumentVersion.


sheetOrChapter 0..* Y Y N DocumentVersion 1 Specifies SheetOrChapters defined in this DocumentVersion. These are especially useful if the DocumentVersion represents an external reference.