Connection View Specification

Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0

Connection View Specification

The ConnectionViewSpecification supports the exchange of a basic layout for a ConnectionSpecification. The objective is not a pixel perfect representation of a schematic diagram in the VEC (with label positions, font sizes etc.) Such use cases are supported via the external mapping with other standards like SVG. However, a reasonable arrangement of the ComponentNodes on a diagram sheet greatly improves the understanding and can not (easily) be found by an automatic algorithm. Therefore, a basic layout has value in the context of data exchange and is in scope of the VEC.

A ConnectionViewSpecification represents the layout of a schematic diagram / sheet. The layout is defined with ComponentNodeViewItems, each representing a ComponentNode. A ConnectionViewSpecification does not have to represent the complete content of a ConnectionSpecification. It is perfectly valid to split the layout of a ConnectionSpecification into multiple ConnectionViewSpecifications, one for each view (e.g. sheet) and each layouting a subset of a ConnectionSpecification. It is also valid to have multiple ComponentNodeViewItems for a ComponentNode.

The ComponentNodeViewItem contains ComponentPortViewItems for each ComponentPort displayed on this ComponentNodeViewItem. This can be a subset of all ComponentPorts of the corresponding ComponentNode.

For Connections there are no explicit view items defined. The representation and routing path of a Connection is not conisidered as basic layout information. All Connections that are connected to a displayed ComponentPort are considered to be display on the diagram represented by ConnectionViewSpecification.