Release Notes - Version 2.1.0

Schema Incompatible Changes

This is a minor release, so no schema incompatible changes where made. However, there are deprecated schema elements that will be removed with the next major release. Search XSD-files for deprecated annotation.


  • KBLFRM-1192 Clarified Documentation that ConductorSpecification.NumberOfStrands should have Type “Integer” instead of “NumericalValue”
  • KBLFRM-1205 Fixed direction of X-Axis in Illustration “Geometric Properties of Connector Housings (Definitions)”

New Feature

  • KBLFRM-977 Representation of SignalGraphs within the model
  • KBLFRM-1048 Allow the Definition connected WireProtections
  • KBLFRM-1084 Added Concept of ResourceVersion for Relations to Tools & Machines
  • KBLFRM-1085 Added CrimpDetails for WireReceptions (Tools, Crimp-Height & Width)
  • KBLFRM-1152 Added DocumentClassification & ConfidentialityLevel to DocumentVersion
  • KBLFRM-1169 Added Support for UNECE-Codes in Units
  • KBLFRM-1177 Definition of Crimp Width & Height
  • KBLFRM-1186 Added ConnectHousingCover as Component Kind
  • KBLFRM-1195 Added detailed MaterialComposition to GeneralTechnicalPartSpecification
  • KBLFRM-1199 Refined Definition of WireEnd.PositionOnWire, added Stripping- & CutBackLength
  • KBLFRM-1200 Added CrimpSizes to WireMountingDetail
  • KBLFRM-1202 Added multiple detail parameters for automatic crimp processes
  • KBLFRM-1208 Defined Coordinate System for Terminals and added WireReception.Rotation
  • KBLFRM-1215 Introduced “immutable-global-iri”-Attribute for every complexType.


  • KBLFRM-1021 Add Hole Concept similar to Bolt Concept for Grounding
  • KBLFRM-1058 Added MinimumDistance to other Elements for TerminalSpecification
  • KBLFRM-1103 Added voltageRating to EEComponentSpecification
  • KBLFRM-1111 Introduced Inheritance Hierarchy for Roles consistent with corresponding PartOrUsageRelatedSpecifications
  • KBLFRM-1140 Added WireLengthType “Functional” for enforced Wire Length
  • KBLFRM-1147 Improved representation of TPA & CPA
  • KBLFRM-1172 Added AliasIdentificationTypes Diagnostic- and SoftwareAddress and added AliasIds to multiple elements.
  • KBLFRM-1173 Clarification of GeneratingSystemName and -Version
  • KBLFRM-1175 Added TubeRoles with Attributes for Slits
  • KBLFRM-1176 Added pullOffForce for Crimp-Definitions
  • KBLFRM-1181 Added Support for Spot- & CrossTapes
  • KBLFRM-1188 More Elements to inherit ExtendableElement
  • KBLFRM-1193 Clarified the Interpretation of the Boundaries in Tolerances
  • KBLFRM-1194 Added “ProcessingInstruction” to OpenEnumeration “DocumentType”
  • KBLFRM-1196 OpenEnum PinComponentType new Literal PowerDistributionLimited for eFuses
  • KBLFRM-1197 Fixed the wrong data type for “OpticalTissueDensity”, renamed to OpticalCoverage.
  • KBLFRM-1198 Added ArcDegree, ArcMinutes, ArcSeconds as OtherUnit.
  • KBLFRM-1203 Clarified Documentation for RobustnessClassReferenceSystem ISO 6722
  • KBLFRM-1207 Added “MatingInterface” to OpenEnumeration “DocumentType”
  • KBLFRM-1209 Added TestingPullOutForce to TerminalReceptionSpecification
  • KBLFRM-1210 Added MaximumInsertionForce to PluggableTerminalSpecification
  • KBLFRM-1211 Ambiguous CavityMapping for E/E-Components
  • KBLFRM-1217 Improved Documentation for Tranformation2D/3D
  • KBLFRM-1221 Corrected casing of Enum-Literals in Documentation
  • KBLFRM-1226 New DocumentType “SchematicProject”