Part master data (2)

Part master data (2)

This diagram illustrates the part master data of component boxes. A component box is used to mount components (e.g. relays and fuses). Component boxes exist in a great variety from rather simple to quite complex.

Basically a component box consists of Component_slots & Component_cavities. These can be used to mount components.

The harness can be attached to a component box in two ways, either with a connector or directly with wires that are mounted into cavities (with terminals) or attached to bolts (with ring terminals). Both aspects are covered by the Component_box_connector.

A Component_box_connector consist of both Slots (the same class that is used for Connector_housings) and Modular_slots. A Modular_slot is used if the Component_box itself is modular and consists of one more insets.

The Component_box_connection can be used to define the internal connectivity of a component box. The Component_box_connection allows the association of n:m Component_cavity and Cavity. There are two reasons for this type of mapping and not just a 1:1 relation:

  1. There are component boxes, where either only two Component_cavities or only two Cavities are connected. E.g. a stepped fusing or an internal bridge between cavities.
  2. The Component_box_connection shall express that all associated cavities have the same potential. In case of a conductor rail, all connected cavities (which are more than 1:1) have the same potential. If the same statement would have to be expressed with 1:1 connections, it would have either an exponentially increasing size or it would be incomplete.