Installation Instructions

Note: There is a newer version of this specification see VEC 2.1.0

Installation Instructions

Basis for the definition of installation instructions is the abstract class Instruction which allows instructions to be specified as TextBasedInstructions, FileBasedInstructions or DocumentBasedInstructions.

Note: This diagram only shows the Instruction concept in the context of OccurrenceOrUsage. However, the Instruction concept is used in the context of PartVersions and several elements of a ConnectionSpecification as well.

Each OccurrenceOrUsage can define various TextBasedInstructions in order to exchange (normally) human readable installation instruction information.

Note: Unlike the KBL a TextBasedInstruction does not contain a type attribute. This is because a TextBasedInstruction is explicitly not wanted to be used as an extension mechanism. The declared extension concept of the VEC is the CustomProperty concept.

In addition, each OccurrenceOrUsage can define various FileBasedInstructions. This may be useful to reference for example files that contain graphical information e.g. in form of SVG.

In addition, each OccurrenceOrUsage can define various DocumentBasedInstructions. This allows to reference a DocumentVersion or alternatively a certain SheetOrChapter in a DocumentVersion that contains the instruction.